The greatest experiment 2/2

God is the solution

“Over the years, I started having a bit more experience with prayer.

I learned to know what a sincere prayer entails.

God always answers instantaneously a sincere prayer.

When I do not feel God’s answer,

I know it is not God’s desire to let me down.

It is always my lack of sincere desire that blocks the communication.

Now, I know God is my Mother too.

It is even harder for me to connect to Her.

Because of my unhealed relationship with my earthly mother.

My desire for Her is insincere.

God is helping me to heal my relationship with the opposite gender and my partner.

God is helping me to open my heart.

God is helping me to become softer and emotionally humble like a child.

God is helping me to become more sensitive to my pain when I break God’s laws of love.

God is helping me to feel more love for others, nature and all creatures.

God is helping me to discover all my unhealed emotions,

Rage and anger, fear and sadness, guilt and shame,

So, I can feel and release them,

And get free of pain and suffering.

God is helping me to feel how I lack love for self

God is helping me to feel how I am addicted to others liking me.

God has helped me to meet Alan John Miller,

Who claims to be Jesus of the Bible.

Jesus says he reincarnated on Earth

With 13 other people from the highest heavens.

Jesus lives in Australia, and teach about having a personal relationship with God.  

It is thanks to Jesus that I got to discover God.

Jesus says God’s Love transforms the soul into a Divine angel.

Jesus teaches he was the first Divine angel in the first Century,

And that we can all become a Divine angel.

You, me, everybody.

You just need to desire it.

A Divine angel has no fear.

Only love and joy.

A Divine angle is immortal,

And may grow his soul and receive new abilities,


This is because of God’s Love.

Without God’s Love,

Even a human soul perfected in natural love is mortal,

And limited in growth and abilities,


One must first forgive all the people who harmed them in their life,

And repent for all the people and things they harmed in their life,

Including how they treated God,

Before they ever can become a Divine angel.

This must be done according to God’s definition of love and harm,

Not men’s definition of love that is incorrect.

Now, I know God is real and loving.

God is not the rageful God of the Bible that men created.

God is a God of Love, Truth, Tenderness, Power, Abundance and Creativity.

God taught me many things.

God made me feel all people are really my brothers and sisters.

God made me feel my earthly parents were just care takers,

God is my true parents who created my soul.

God made me feel I have a soulmate who is the other halve of my soul.

God made me feel everybody can become a Divine angel like Jesus teaches, even myself.

God’s Love is amazing.

It gives faith that everything is well,

Even through the dark night of healing the soul.

Discovering and loving God is a great idea.

This is the best way to go.

It does not matter what others might believe.

If they do not know or believe in God,

It is just because they have not engaged the Greatest Experiment yet.

Everybody must know that God’s Love is waiting for them.

God wants to have a relationship with each and every one of Her children.

God’s Love is the solution for changing the world,

Into a loving place of one single family,

Caring for self, others and the environment. “