The greatest experiment 1/2

God was not real for me before then.

It was just a human invention.

This was what my parents told me.

I said no words.

But inside, I was questioning it.

How do they know?

I started a quest for healing and truth when I turned 40.

Not focused on God.

I just wanted to know the truth about me,

And everything.

Life did not make any sense to me,

Living eighty years, and then dying in pain and suffering.

How can that be just the end of the story?

I wanted to know who I am and why am I here,

And what happens after I die,

And the truth about all the questions,

That never got answered when I was a child.

After about 4 years of this quest,

And many discoveries,

That never fully satisfied my curiosity,

I got given the prayer for Divine Love,

That Jesus wrote in the first century,

I learned and recited by heart the prayer,

I prayed many times a day,

Every day for 40 days.

I was sitting there, waiting.

In vain.

There was no answer.

Then, thanks to my teacher from then,

I found a link to the Divine Truth YouTube channel.

I started watching the Secrets of the universe video,

And many other teachings about God, and the human soul too.

I felt very emotional and moved.

I cried a lot.

I did not understand what was happening to me.

I was mesmerized.

I could not help but keep watching more and more videos,

Days and nights.

As I kept experiencing about praying,

One day,

All of a sudden,

There was a moment where everything changed in my life.

That moment, I wanted to know so strongly.

That moment, my heart was open to feel the truth.

That moment, I was humble to feel my emotions.

That moment, I was open to feel loved.

That moment, my prayer was personal and emotional and felt like this,

God, I don’t believe You are real, but,

If You really exist and have Love for me,

Please let me feel it now.

An intense and powerful flow of energy entered my heart.

I started crying loud like a baby.

I fell in tears onto my knees and asked,

Why have You ignored me all these years?

Why have you never been present when I needed you?

I felt immediately another flow of energy entering me as an answer,

I have always been there with you,

It is You that have closed your heart to Me.

God got me by surprise.

I lost any notion of time and space.

I felt extremely safe for the first time in my life,

Although soft and vulnerable like a baby.

A feeling of fearlessness,

That nothing bad can happen.

After a while,

I became afraid to be so emotional,

Out of control,

I closed my heart and feelings again.

God was gone.

I fell profoundly asleep.

Since that day, I knew for sure,

I have a Father that loves me.

God is always there for me.

It is up to me to get into a condition of sincerity and openness,

To truly desire, feel and hear God.

The following days and weeks I kept praying.

But God did not answer me.

I tried harder and harder.

It was like he deserted me again.

My prayer was not sincere.

Spirits came and connected to me.

I had thoughts and felt emotions,

That I believed to be God’s and mine.

But there was not the same soft and gentle presence.

Not an overwhelming quality of Love entering me.

Over time, I learned to discern between God and spirits.

They are just human that once lived on earth and have passed.

Then, one day, I connected to God again.

My prayer was sincere.

And I felt loved again.

How foolish am I to stay closed to such a beautiful and generous being?

I realized how I missed God and desired Him in my life.

God is the best Parent and Friend,

The best Teacher of Love.

God is waiting for you to open your heart.

You do not need a book to know, Only to personally engage the Greatest Experiment.”